Econometric Slides with Revealjs and Rmarkdown

I was recently asked to speak to a finance class about R, and decdied to use the revealjs package to create my slides. Personally one of my favorite aspects of R is using knitr/rmarkdown to create dynamic documents that output beautiful html or pdf files.

Using the revealjs package was pretty straightforward. I did however hit stumbling block trying to get github pages to serve an .html file rather than processing a .md, but including the .nojekyll file seems to have done the trick.

The final slides can seen here and the source code for the slides is available at the repository

As an quick explainer for the slides, I had an hour to speak to the students about R. I decided to list some potential problems with spreadsheets (finance loves their spreadsheets). After that I helped the students install R and R Studio on their machines before going over a couple quick examples. We were a little tight on time, but it was definitely a fun experience!

Written on April 24, 2016